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A New Year to Focus on Your Purpose

Ty JohnsonComment
A New Year to Focus on Your Purpose


Happy New Year, friends.

It's hard to believe that we're kicking off another year! This is the time of year where people are setting New Year's resolutions and intentions for the year. I've never been big on resolutions, but I've ALWAYS been big on setting + pursuing goals.

As I thought about goals for Live Simply Plush in 2017, I really gave some thought to the vision forward for the brand. My mission is to "inspire you to look AND feel like the BEST version of YOU" so from this point forward you will be receiving content, community + inspiration to do just that. So what does that mean for 2017:

  • I will act as your FASHION MENTOR, providing advice + guidance on the latest styles + trends. I'll show you how to look FAB without breaking the bank.
  • I will launch a private community so that you can surround yourself with other like-minded women that are focused on being their best selves. STAY TUNED!
  • I will continue to provide products in the Shop that push your towards being your best YOU.

Speaking of products, late last year when I was brainstorming what the next Shop Live Simply Plush collection would focus on, I kept coming back to PURPOSE. Last year I pushed past fear + launched my blog + started my shop -- two purpose-driven goals that I KNEW I was called to do. After launching, so many people shared their dreams with me + asked me -- Why did I do it? How did I find the courage? My response was always "I had to. It was a passion I had to pursue + YOU can (and should) pursue your purpose, too!"

Start embracing the life that is calling you. Find your calling.
Know what sparks the light in you, so you –
in your own way – can illuminate the world.
— Oprah

Are you ready to stop delaying your goals + ambitions + get busy doing the things you've been called to do? Or are you already walking in your purpose, focused on making the RIGHT things happen + want some daily inspiration to stay on track?

The FOCUSED ON MY PURPOSE collection was designed with the purpose-driven in mind. It serves as a proclamation of commitment to walk confidently EVERYDAY in the direction of your dreams. This collection features a ceramic mug + a guide to jumpstart your purpose planning.

I'm happy to announce that both items are available in my shop starting today! For a very limited time, you'll be able to enjoy 10% off the FOCUSED ON MY PURPOSE mug. Use code PURPOSE17 at checkout. The Jumpstart Guide is FREE + can be downloaded in the shop, as well.

I hope that this collection inspires you to start or continue to move towards your purpose. + I want to hear about your progress! Tag us on Instagram or Facebook or you can always shoot me a note. I'm excited about what this year holds. Let's get to making this year the best year yet.

Wishing you a happy + purpose-filled new year!

❤ Ty