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Classic Winter Combo

Ty JohnsonComment
Classic Winter Combo


The weather has been everything but stable in Houston. So much so, that I'm actually not sure what season it is. We've experienced the wintery lows (30-40 degrees) + then the next day it will be spring like highs (70-80 degrees). Not only has the fickle weather made it hard to stay well, it's also made it hard to figure out what to wear! Let's just say, I have a lot of winter clothes with the tags still on because there has literally not been a chance to wear them.

However, one brisk afternoon a week or two ago, I caught a chilly day in Houston and decided to do a shoot! :) A few of my favorite things about winter are: layering, bold patterns + faux fur. And if you follow along with me on Instagram you know my obsession with faux fur has gotten REAL real. This look for me is my classic mix of black + earth tones (like tan +camel) which I LOVE. I've had so many people say to me "black and brown don't go together!" Umm...I refute that! It does. It really does.

So if you're looking to recreate this outfit, here's the formula: Black top, tights and booties + contrasting skirt (camel, burgundy, hunter green) + BOLD, yet simple patterned scarf + GLAM gloves = a timeless winter combination that you can pull off every winter.

I've linked the deets below to similar items for each of the pieces because most of these goodies I bought last winter!

Windowpane Scarf (styled scarf purchased from Asos)

Tan Skirt (styled skirt purchased from H&M)

Faux Fur Gloves (styled gloves purchased from Wal-Mart, but these linked ones from Target are AMAZING)

Black Booties

So tell me how you plan to recreate this classic winter combo below!

❤ Ty