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Transition into Spring with a JORD Wood Watch

Ty JohnsonComment
Transition into Spring with a JORD Wood Watch


It’s hard to believe it’s almost spring. The winter weather here in Texas has been so mild that I’m not sure that we ever really experienced winter. It has already been more "Spring-like” with a hand full of really cold days.  Let’s just say I have a lot of winter clothes with the tags still on and some fabulous over the knee boots that I still haven’t had a chance to wear.

But here we are, walking in to March within the next few weeks, and it’s time for me to start thinking about transitioning my wardrobe into looks that are more Spring friendly. So how do you transition into a new season when the weather has been and continues to be so unpredictable? Accessories. And if you know me, you know that accessories kind of make my heart skip a beat. This Spring, I'm not leaving home without my sunnies, a lightweight scarf and a unique watch.

My signature Spring transition watch this year is the JORD Wood Watch. I don’t even know where to start with how much I love this watch.  I’ve ALWAYS been a watch girl, but this one gives me all the heart eyes! Keep reading on, and I’ll tell you about a GIVEAWAY I’m hosting, so that you can have one of these beauties in YOUR spring transition wardrobe, too!

JORD is unique. The company creates all of their designer watches from natural materials that are sustainably sourced from around the world. As soon as it arrived and I opened the box, I knew this was not just a watch, but a timeless piece that was handcrafted with love.  If I was giving a grade for first impressions, JORD gets an A+. I was in love before I even opened the box. Each watch is shipped in an intricate wooden box that is the perfect place to store and protect your watch when you’re not wearing it.

My watch is the REECE series in Golden Camphor & Khaki. I really love the style and coloring of this watch. The Golden Campor (sourced from Southeast Asia) has a gorgeous golden hue that is the perfect contrast against the Dark Sandalwood. With this color combination and beautiful hues, you can wear this watch with literally everything, which is MUST for a transitional accessory.

This watch has a rectangular face that’s perfectly sized.  My wrist is small, so I’m always concerned on whether a watch face will be too big, but this one fits just right. The REECE series is also lightweight. The other watches I own are SO much heavier compared to this watch. I was pleasantly surprised on how comfortable the watch is to wear. You might just forget you have it on!

JORD also sells a vast selection of women’s watches and men’s watches, so whether you’re getting yourself or someone else ready for Spring, there is an assortment to choose from. To top it all off, JORD offers customization, including personal engraving and sizing for your watch, so when it arrives it’s perfectly fit for you.

So, about that GIVEAWAY I mentioned! Here’s the best part, I’ve teamed up with JORD so that YOU can enter to receive a discount on a JORD Wood Watch. All entrants will receive an e-gift code for $25 off a watch of their choice when the contest concludes on March 5, 2017 and one lucky winner will receive a code for $100 off a watch of their choice!

Want to enter the GIVEAWAY? Click here.

Remember, everyone who enters is a WINNER. If you don’t win the $100, you still will receive $25 off a cool watch of your choice, which is such a great deal.

The contest closes on March 5, 2017, so enter TODAY! Good luck, friends and happy shopping!

Watch provided c/o JORD Wood Watches. All opinions are my own.