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Styling The Peacock Room

I’m so excited to share this project, because it was truly a joy to do. I saw this room transform from what was essentially a guest room/storage room to an organized, functional + beautiful office space.

Here were my clients requirements:

  1. A room that she would able to work in + lounge in.

  2. A bright, clutter-free space that would help spark creativity.

  3. A space that felt different from the rest of her home, so that it would be a getaway of sorts when she was there.

  4. Incorporate a green sofa that she owned (that was an amazing thrift find!) into the space.

With that it was time to get started! This was the room before the project began. It was last painted in 2009 a deep tan color, a color that made the space dark + made the room feel smaller. I knew that was the first thing we had to change!

Peacock Room-0718.jpg

My client and I landed on the color palette pretty quickly. I knew that we had to incorporate the green couch, so we added to that a deep blue, gold and white.

Peacock Room-0653.jpg

After a few coats of paint, it already didn’t look like the same place. The room felt bigger + was definitely brighter.

Peacock Room-0785.jpg
Peacock Room-0828.jpg

We let the paint dry + soon there after started to move in the furniture + decor into the room.

Most of the items from this room were sourced from some of my favorite budget-friendly brands: Target, Home Goods + World Market.

Peacock Room-0844.jpg

I was even able to add an international flare the room by sourcing the two beautiful photos above the couch from an artist in Israel. I found the artist + artwork on Etsy + was able to save my client about $700 by offering this as an alternative to some artwork she found online. Usually you can find what you want within your budget, but you have to be patient + you have to keep looking until you find it.

Peacock Room-1167.jpg

We were able to snag this rug at Home Goods + it was absolutely perfect. I gave the bohemian vibes we were going for, while still being very modern. I linked an identical rug from Wayfair at the bottom of this post so that if you love it, you too can have it!

Peacock Room-1184.jpg

World Market was really the winner for this project. The desk, chair, faux plant, wall decor + some of the accents came from there. World Market is my favorite hidden gem + offers quality decor at reasonable prices. If you hop on over to their site TODAY, they are having 30% off almost everything in the store.

Peacock Room-1131.jpg
Peacock Room-1122.jpg

Once we wrapped up the project, the client was elated that she now had a room that was functional + beautiful. I was able to add touches of her personality + interests — the gold camera accent, the family heirloom bell on her bookshelf —that made the room feel like her. Your space should feel personal + reflect the essence of who you are. I think with this project, I was able to achieve that.

Peacock Room-0949.jpg
Peacock Room-1124.jpg

You can see more pictures of The Peacock Room in my portfolio.

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