Live Simply Plush (re)Branded

The rebrand of Live Simply Plush has been underway for quite some time. A little over a year ago I stepped back from posting on Instagram as much + blogging because I wasn’t feeling it. Every thing felt forced. I was in the in between stage of knowing LSP wasn’t done because I am fueled by the creative outlet it gives me, but also not knowing what direction it was headed.

Almost two years ago, I moved in to my first home + fell in love with the process of creating a space that was perfectly me. If you ask any of my friends or family they will tell you that when you walk into my house it screams “TY”. Everything about my home is a reflection of my style + personality. Every detail was thoroughly thought through. When I walk in every day I know that I am home because it FEELS like home. It’s my haven. It’s my safe space.

As I thought more about what I wanted LSP to be — it was that. It is the haven for the WHOLE woman. The woman that desires to look, feel and LIVE like the best version of herself (and all without breaking the bank). I was already sharing fashion + inspiration, so adding the focus on home made so much sense to me. Being your best self starts at home.

I’m excited about embarking on this new iteration of LSP. I’m thrilled about continuing to inspire your wardrobe + your heart. And now, the space you call home.

Thanks for following along through the reinventions! I’m convinced that this is the best version yet + I’m so excited that you’re along for the ride.